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The #1 challenge most speakers face is consistently filling their events. There’s nothing worse than months of planning and financial outlay only to show up to your event with 6 people in the audience… half of them your friends or existing clients.
7 years ago we identified this challenge and designed a highly-profitable and scalable event promotion system to fill events for professional speakers worldwide… and we haven’t looked back since.
Today, we support brand new speakers and international thought leaders alike who share one very important thing in common… they are all dedicated to making a positive impact in the world by serving others.

How We Empower Speakers

This is how we make our impact in the world

With our event promotion service, we become the bolt-on marketing department of your company, replacing the following roles with our service:

  • Project Manager
  • Advertiser
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • CRM Specialist
  • Reporting Specialist
  • Analyst
  • Copywriter
  • Telesales Customer Service Agents
  • Telesales Manager

Event Promotion

The ultimate done-for-you event promotion solution

We have tailored every aspect of our done-for-you service around one core principle: “remove as much guesswork as possible by actively managing each piece of the event promotion strategy in-house.”

This principle has greatly contributed to our 98% service success rate as we generate better results more consistently when we control the entire promotion process, start to finish.

Promoting events effectively requires a specialized and experienced team, as there are many roles and moving pieces with a short timeline and very slim margin of error. One wrong line of code or falty pixel placement could make or break your entire event. Each step of the marketing funnel must be fully optimized and professionally managed. Generating traffic is one challenge, converting that traffic into ticket sales is another, and getting those registrants to show up to the event excited and ready to engage is yet another.

Facilitating that journey of taking your target market from ad campaign > to registrant > to attendee is our specialty, and we deliver the entire experience in-house.

For more information about this service, view our brochure or contact us to discover how we can best support you.

Speaker Training

Courses and programs to enhance your skills and empower your team

Every professional benefits from further education in their field. This is why even the top industry leaders and athletes still have mentors and coaches.

However, in today’s society, information is everywhere and it can be hard to know who to trust to give you the best, most relevant content to you (especially in the speaking industry). Our focus with our programs is to collaborate with the true experts who are global leaders of their field and more importantly, who share our same values of integrity and ethics. This way, you know any live or online training from We Fill Events will be world class, heart-centered, and 100% focused on serving you.

Here are our current training programs:

Impact World Summit is a large annual live event lead by global thought leaders to inspire and ignite you to impact the world in ways you’ve never imagined possible.
The Speaker Circle is an online learning platform with courses specifically designed to help professional speakers build sustainable, scalable and profitable speaking businesses.
The Speaker Masterclass is a premium live 4-day course delivered by an expert panel of global leaders on topics such as stagecraft, marketing and event management.

Promotional Partnerships

Creative collaborations and brand alignment

We believe that by creatively aligning with select organizations we can accelerate change on a larger scale. Through our global network of strategic partners and investors, we have the ability to work with organizations on many levels and through a range of solutions.

Contact us to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

UN Global Goals

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. While we support all 17 goals, our services are directly focussed on improving goal #8. We empower speakers, who empower local entrepreneurs and businesses, who bring economic growth and jobs to their communities.

Our Team

100% dedicated to your success!
We may be spread out across the globe but we’re united by our mission and passion of serving and impacting the world.
Levi Sanford

Levi Sanford

Co-founder / Operations | USA READ BIO
Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Co-founder / Business Development | UK READ BIO
Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley

Senior Advisor | UK READ BIO
Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths

Brand Ambassador | AU READ BIO
Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn

Strategic Advisor | SG READ BIO
Ami Kalu

Ami Kalu

Accounts | USA READ BIO
Amy Radunz

Amy Radunz

Event Specialist | AU READ BIO

Trusted Partners

If you want to go far, go together
We wouldn’t be able to truly serve the world without the support of these remarkable organizations who share our values and actively support our mission. We are incredibly honored to be aligned with these organizations and we advocate them without hesitation. Click on each image to learn more about each brand.